Valley Blades

valley_blades_logo by . Valley Blades Ltd manufactures high quality cutting edges and snow plow blades for any OEM machine servicing the municipal, construction and heavy machinery markets.

When only the highest level of performance will do, PolarFlex by VBL is the best choice for segmented, flexible, carbide tipped snow plow blade systems.Individual 12 inch carbide tipped steel segments are mounted using a patented system of reusable synthetic rubber flexible elements. This mounting technique significantly reduces vibration while simultaneously allowing the cutting edge to conform to the surface of the road. These two capabilities allow the system to clean the road better (less salt, fewer trips, safer roads…) and reduce chatter (longer blade life, less plow maintenance, reduced operator fatigue…). PolarFlex is available in 2 configurations:Front Mount – Less weight / lower height, easier segment changes, ideal for reversible plows & wings.Original – Heavy duty one piece welded construction, robust rigid design.
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Snow Plow / Wing Blades
In even the most demanding snow plowing applications VBL Snow Plow / Wing Blades are up to task.Vallite – Hot rolled alloy steel, heat treated and stress relieved for unmatched thru-hardness and impact
strength.High Carbon – Hot rolled steel profile with high carbon content.Standard plow / wing blades are available in various sizes from 1/2” X 4” to 1” X 8”, with hole sizes and patterns to suit all OEM equipment.
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Carbide Tipped Plow / Wing Blades
Reduce down time by using long lasting VBL Carbide tipped plow / wing blades.Tungsten carbide inserts brazed into a specially prepared groove in the blade greatly increases wear life when compared to conventional blades. This makes carbide tipped plow / wing blades ideal for severe wear applications. Various sizes and shapes of tungsten carbide inserts are available to suit any application.VBL applied Tungsten Carbide Matrix (TCM), hard facing or strips of hardened plate (Valstrip) are available as options to prevent premature base material wear “washout” and eliminate the need for a “face” or “cover” blade. Carbide tipped snow plow blades are available in various sizes of flat and curved profiles, with hole sizes and patterns to suit all OEM equipment.
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Highwear Plow / Wing Blades
In severe conditions insist on VBL Highwear plow and wing blades. Vallite heat treated (thru-hardened) one piece blades are fortified by attaching hardened blocks to the back of the blade inside a welded steel housing. This effectively makes a blade with built-in “wear shoes”. These “shoes” in addition to the unique one-piece design increase both the wear life and the structural rigidity preventing moldboard / wing damage. Installation is also simplified as there is only one part to install. These attributes make the Highwear plow / wing blade idea for rough conditions where carbide tipped blades are not recommended.
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Cast Highwear Plow / Wing Blades
Use VBL cast Highwear plow / wing blades where wear life is more critical than rigidity.Where the robust design of a rigid one-piece fabricated Highwear blade is not required, VBL Cast Highwear plow / wing blades are available. This low cost alternative to fabricated Highwear blades still provides a longer wear life than conventional blades.
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Plow / Wing Shoes and Nose Pieces
Always use VBL Plow / Wing Shoes and Nose Pieces to extend blade wear life and help ensure safe operation.Plow and wing blade wear life can be extended by using the right shoes. Shoes are available in Vallite heat treated (thru-hardened) steel and Grey Iron materials to best suit the application and budget at hand. Dozens of different configurations accommodate different hole spacing, plow / wing operating angles and moldboard designs.Nose pieces help reduce the tendency for the leading corner of the plow or wing to catch or dig into the road. These important safety parts are available for many different OEM plows and wings. Tungsten carbide inserts brazed into a specially prepared groove in the nose piece are available for use with Carbide Tipped Plow Blades.
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Runners, Holders and Adjuster Bars
Insist on VBL Runners, Holders and Adjuster bars to ensure optimum plow performance and safety.Vallite heat treated (thru-hardened), Grey Iron and Carbide tipped runners are available for any application. Standard “2-way” as well as “mushroom” style runners are available. The innovative VBL trailer ball mushroom shoe rotates in any direction to promote even wear.Tungsten carbide inserts brazed into a specially prepared grooves in the runner greatly increases wear life when compared to conventional runner. This makes carbide runners ideal for severe wear applications.
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Curb Runners and Plow Guards
Protect vulnerable Plow / Wing areas with a wide variety of VBL Curb Runners and Plow Guards.Valley blades offers curb runners in several sizes of two basic designs with hole patterns to accommodate any OEM hole spacing: “Wrap Around” curb runners curve around the plow offering protection from any angle. “Standard” curb runners have a large cylinder of wear material on the end for long wear life. Both styles can be equipped with multiple layers of hardfacing built up to form a wear pad on the bottom edge and the area in contact with the curb. These pads greatly increase the wear life when compared to conventional curb runners.Plow guards offer the same great hardfacing pad on the bottom edge without the wrap around or cylinder added. These can be used anywhere along the blade where premature wear is encountered.
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