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Dump Trucks
Super-Duty Shur-Lok

Dependable, watertight protection for whatever you’re hauling! We have many available options and upgrades, and if you have additional requirements, we can custom manufacture to your exact specifications.

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Shur-Track II

Moves the bows out of the way for wide-open loading on dump bodies, belly dumps and end dumps! Fully deployed, the standard tarp-over-rail design gives coverage several inches over the side rail to shed water better. If water resistance is not a factor, our Short-Stop™ tarp option will eliminate friction, helping to extend the life of your tarp.

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Premium, high gloss aluminum pivot arm system for dump bodies up to 23’. Features heavy duty “unbreakable” arms, direct drive motor, rotary switch, extruded aluminum roller bar and two 5-spring stamped steel spring enclosures.

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Whether you’re hauling gravel, coal, scrap metal or rock, you need a tarp system that is as dependable as the rest of your equipment. Shur-Co® understands that downtime costs you money, and there is no worse situation than to be down because of a failed tarp system.

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The Bullet™ is designed to cover dump bodies up to 23 feet long. Available with either straight or 30° angled arms of anodized aluminum that will never rust! The tarp moves smoothly on an extruded aluminum roller bar, powered by the Durabuilt™ 12V direct-drive electric motor with rotary switch.

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TurboTarp 2

Armless system for dump bodies of all lengths. Fold away, “tarp locking” cab level crank, aluminum roller bar with tarp spline groove, heavy duty bearings and machined UHMW end caps. Fits 60” – 104” wide bodies.

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Easy to install, easy to operate and easy to maintain! The DuraPull™ is a semi-automatic pull tarp system engineered by Shur-Co® to be both rugged and reliable. Installation is made easy as the DuraPull™ comes out of the box fully assembled. Simply mount the assembled tarp housing, slide the tarp onto the tarp spool and adjust the spring tension to properly fit your box.

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Cover-Pro II

Affordable front-to-back cable system is easy to operate and maintain! The Cover-Pro II® features premium-quality components that interchange with most other cable systems on the market. The tarp stops inside the rail and is available with varying bow heights.

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2000 Series

The ideal choice for dump trucks and trailers, roll-offs and other open-topped containers. One size fits all and there are no pivot arms or external springs to damage, so installation is fast and easy – less than two hours from start to finish.

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Roll-Off Trucks
The Ox

The Strongest Tarp System Available On The Market! Reliable and operator-friendly, The Ox™ is designed for fast, easy tarping of 15- to 40-cubic foot containers, with an EZ slider that gives the operator total pivot point control for precision coverage. There are no upper arm cylinders to damage, and our Safe-Tension™ tarp roller ratchet provides smooth roller-spring tensioning.

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Hy-Tower Series

The Hy-Tower™ semi-automatic roll-off tarp system covers containers from 15 to 40 cubic yards, with a gantry that raises either 12 or 15 feet above the truck frame and then tucks compactly behind the cab during transport. The lightweight, easy-to-handle, extra-wide 100-inch tarp allows you to quickly contain heaping loads from the safety of the ground. You just raise the tower, deploy and secure the tarp, lower the tower and hit the road!

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Quick-Flip III

The Quick-Flip™ III is an automatic roll-off tarping system with unbreakable pivot arms and hydraulic-powered gantry and electric tarp roller! The Quick-Flip™ III brings to the market three models designed specifically for roll-off trucks and trailers. Available models include Single-Axel Model, Multi-Axel Model and the Roll-Off Trailer Model.

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